How are the images created?

In a very spontaneous way, where I literally play with the elements and give myself permission to do exactly what I want. It’s an exciting, fulfilling, joyful way to create.

Can I put my painting near a window?

No. The paintings are all covered with gel medium, but originals need to be protected from all elements.

Do the originals need to be framed?

No. they have a 1 ½” cradle or lip which allows them to either stand freely on a flat surface, or hang nicely on a wall.

Are custom orders available?

Yes. They can be ordered in a couple different ways. First, you can order a custom painting using one of the existing messages of your choice. You have the option to choose the primary color(s) used, and the
size. The other way is a completely new message intuited just for you by Dove from her connection to Spirit.

What information is needed for an intuitive painting?

I would need to know the full name of the person, birthdate and place of birth.

Is there an approval process involved in the custom orders or are they “one and done”?

A buyer has the right of refusal upon completion of the painting. If a buyer rejects a given painting, it remains the property of Dove’s Angels, Inc. and as such, will be added to inventory.

Do you make prints of originals?

Once accepted, a given painting becomes the exclusive property of the new owner, and is truly one-of a-kind. Dove’s Angel’s, Inc. reserves the right to use the image in promotional ways.