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The Expression of Grief and the Power of Art

expression of grief and the power of art

For the more grounded amongst us, grief or any form of negative emotion is just that – an emotion of sorrow that stays with us until we are distracted by our lives. Then one day we wake up, and that sorrow isn’t so impactful anymore.

But for an artist, grief is a great stimulant for art.

How Grief Affected the Greats

Van Gogh is one such example. He considered one of his most famous paintings— Starry Night—to be a failure. Having painted it during his time in the asylum after the self-mutilation episode, Van Gogh’s only view of the world was from his second-story bedroom and the ground floor.

In his letters to his brother Theo, he would mention the different times of day, the paintings he would make and his views on what the arrangements (the word he would refer for color) in his paintings represented.

van gogh paintingsArt historians who have assessed Starry Night all agree that it was during this time that Van Gogh created some of the greatest paintings of his life. His work was more real, it showed vulnerability, and it showed how – by giving in to his imagination – he was able to reach a certain heightened sense of reality.

Van Gogh was suffering through a stage of mental illness at this point in his life. He experienced his second breakdown as well in seven months. For many historians, this was the time when Van Gogh knew that he was going through a sort of mental epilepsy, which affected his behavior and thinking patterns. However, rather than delving into his mental state, Van Gogh poured all his emotions into his work and gave us some of his greatest works.

The Connection of Emotions with Art

abstract angel paintingsWe’ve all heard the term tortured artist. How certain creators use their grief as their guide to create art. However, the term tortured artist is one that touches one just a small section of painters who grace us with their talent.

Being an artist myself, I use my emotions of happiness and acceptance to create art. Art is what makes us happy. It is what helps us cope and understand the world around us, and helps us find inspiration so we can move ahead in our lives.

Artists use all sorts of emotions to inspire them, happiness chief among them.  I used my expression of emotions and harnessed the power of art to make myself feel at peace with the world. I used expressive arts to work with my mind, body and emotions and created abstract angel paintings that were able to give me the peace of mind that I so cherish.

That is what art is supposed to be. For an artist, art is an instrument. It’s up to us how we are supposed to use it!

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Expressing Emotions through Artistic Catharsis

Banksy, Vincent Van Gogh, Monet, Warhol, Picasso, Michael Angelo, Jackson Pollack – all of these names have something in common, aside from art, of course.

Their works evoke emotions. Whether those emotions are depression, fear, guilt, acceptance, peace and happiness, their work has made people feel. That – in this day and age – is somewhat of a feat.

But then again, their work has been doing so for decades now, even though we have far superior forms of media for artistic impression. So why is it that their work continues to inspire? It may be because their talent utilized the art of catharsis in its most personal state.

What is Catharsis in Art?

Catharsis in art is the purification of emotions or its purgation. Catharsis affects a person so deeply that it results in a renewal of emotions or restoration. Originally used as a metaphor by Aristotle, artistic catharsis compares this form of expression to that of a cathartic on the human body.

It forces the audience to face a cold-hard truth. And in doing so, gives them the opportunity to change their mindset. Catharsis in arts has revolutionized generations. But it has also allowed people to accomplish things on a smaller scale. People become artists because they were so moved by different paintings and artwork. This is the purpose of catharsis.

Seeking Inspiration through Art

angel paintings and printsBeing an original artist, my angel paintings and prints serve as the basis for my artistic catharsis. I use my paintings to express what I feel during my days. And through that, I’m able to connect with other people.

For me, my art needs to be able to convey something. I use mixed media because that allows me to express myself properly. And when I do so, it creates a special bond for me. You see; emotional expression through art cuts through the boundaries we set around us. It affects the audience on a personal level because in their minds, they’re the only ones to make a sense of what they see. The same painting could be viewed in seemingly countless ways. And that’s what I try to achieve.

That’s what art allows me to achieve.


By viewing the right art and using it as our source of inspiration, we too can open up emotionally and make it through all sorts of mental roadblocks. All we have to do is use the right channels.

If you want to see something unique, use my angel paintings as a beacon. Browse through my collection!

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Reconnecting with One’s Self – A Gift for Self-Reflection

abstract angel paintings

“A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.” 

Charles Darwin

While you cannot deny the wisdom of Charles Darwin, it must be said that perhaps we’ve become too aware of the value of life, but not the value of living.

The world seems to have set a fast pace when it comes to life. Everything is moving at 100 miles per hour.

We’re gaining more information, reading faster, reaching new heights, smashing through glass ceilings and achieving what our forefathers would never have even conceived of. We’ve accomplished so much. Yet, we haven’t truly lived.

Sure, you may argue that success and exhilaration does equal living…

But when was the last time you took off your diligent worker hat, sat back and shut your eyes and not thought about something? Just let your mind drift and not let it focus on work, relationships, chores or the ever-present danger of not being on top of the current trends?

We’ve become so caught up in the flurry of life that we’ve forgotten the acute sensation that comes from simply existing, being in the moment. Now, this isn’t to say that you should don your rose-colored glasses. The world is becoming a lot different and competitive, and you have to do what you can to survive. But think about it.

When was the last time you did something, not because you had to, were told to do, did because everyone was doing it? When was the last time you acted because you wanted to do it to give yourself joy?

In simpler words,

Let’s take an example of sleep. Think back to the last time you took a nap, because you simply wanted one, not because you were exhausted or wanted to get away from reality. You might have to go back to your childhood days to come up with an answer for that one.

So how Should You Reconnect with Yourself?

As someone who has been through her fair share of hardships, I had the opportunity to simply dive into something and forget my true calling, my true goal.

Instead, I turned to prayers for guidance. I turned to my inner power of creativity and used that to bring myself out of the stupor that I called life. Sometimes, answers would come to me first, the images for inspiration would come by later.

Sometimes they’d be completely unique. At other moments, they’d come about unbidden and would nourish my spirit so I could become strong enough. It was through this inner journey that I was able to become the artist that I am today.

original angel paintingI create abstract angel paintings and prints, something that directs energy to people who need something to heal them and lift them from a dreary life. As an original artist, I want all to understand how fulfilling it can be to have self-satisfaction through something that makes you truly happy, as I feel now.

We mustn’t forget; we were born to live, and that is a heavy word. If you can find the inspiration to truly live through my original angel painting and angel prints, I invite you to browse through my collection. Find something that makes you happy, that speaks to you, and allow it to guide you towards an enlightened future.