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Expressing Spirituality through Art – How the Masters Did it


Spiritual representation has long been a part of art history. Moving beyond the form, genre, and style that we’ve become so used to, spirituality in art has garnered a method of its own, somehow combining concepts of politics, gender and economics and presenting it through the eyes of religion.

And this method isn’t just limited to western art. In keeping with our exploration through history, we’ve seen spirituality in creative arts in Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity. From art created during the early renaissance period such as The Last Supper to exquisite calligraphy in Islamic art, we’ve seen a broad influence and expression in the art that speaks of one’s dedication to spiritualism.

However, this form of art wasn’t just created to express one’s love for God, or to depict certain scenes through history. Like all forms of art, any concept and any creation warranted multiple perspectives.

A Range of Expression and Emotion

For classic artists in the art world, displaying one’s spirituality wasn’t just for fine art purposes. For some, their dive into spirituality through their talent was so they could define their relationship with God; understand the view of nature and the dynamics within which they existed. While for others, it was to reshape their sense of self.

These artists used their skill to delve deeper into their beliefs and aspirations. They did so to gain a response from the world, about how their ideas could perhaps click with those around them. A fine example of this is the large crowd of modern artists, many of whom use modern methods to display their connection with their religious beliefs.


Religious Convictions and its Effects on the Art World

The fact about depicting spirituality through art is that one doesn’t simply need to do so by painting grand battle scenes or moments of importance from history. Artists can use any style of art to express themselves.

For example, as an artist myself, I express my spirituality through my paintings of angels. Using mixed media, I express my ideas through a unique style of art. Combining quotes that inspired me with images of angels that come to me, I am able to offer others the chance to see my passion for my spirituality. It is the combined freedom of art and my faith that is able to help me do so.

The Final Word

The only way the masters of art were able to express their faith and love of religion truthfully was by combining their thoughts. Art allows us to express ourselves, whereas faith allows us to be free, in mind and spirit!