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Welcome to the world of DOVE’S ANGELS!

Each one-of-a-kind original painting is a wondrous mélange of primarily collage elements with acrylic paint and carries its own message to contemplate. The messages paintings of angels started coming to me back in 1988 in answer to prayers for guidance. They are divinely inspired and have guided me ever since. (For more details see My Story.) I have shared my angel paintings online with others in various forms over the years and now, they have become the perfect complement to my latest creative passion— my mixed media flock of angels. Each original matted angel art at my shop is done on board with a depth of 1 ½”, so the originals can either sit freely on a table or shelf, or be hung on the wall. (See FAQ’s)

I have a retail collection of personalized Angel prints on sale, along with other angelic items for gift-giving. You can also check out my original abstract paintings, and even invest in an angel t-shirt!

My creative process varies. Sometimes the message comes first, and sometimes the image. Sometimes messages from the early days come back to me to be reborn. Sometimes they are brand new. Sometimes they spring unbidden and intact into my mind and other times the concept grows subtly and the exact words evolve. I can also tune in and receive guidance messages for others, when asked. I can do this for anyone and offer personalized angel paintings to those interested in a personal message, unique to them.

Most often, I feel the presence of a particular angel (or more) that comes to visit me and asks to be portrayed. They seem to have a gestation period before I’m ready to put them on board. And generally ask to be born starting around 2am! In fact, I tend to create best between 2am and 5am. Just before I start, I call in my guardian angels, archangels and guides to lend their energy to the process. This process is profoundly joyful and puts me in a sublime state of bliss, where I feel literally lit up with love. Lately, I have been guided to direct this energy of love to various people and groups and places around the globe for healing. It is very much an in-the-moment experience, so I never know ahead quite what will transpire each time.

So I invite you now to browse through the collection of angel paintings online and find the ones that make your heart sing and your spirit take flight and make them your own, or that special gift for loved ones. And check back often so you may see the new ones as they are born. Each image is available as an original until it is sold. Additionally, there are several on both Adult and Kid T-Shirts.

DOVE’S ANGELS - A world of wonder, magic, whimsy… and soul, just waiting to touch your heart and grace your home!

Love, Light & Blessings,

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Showing 1–12 of 22 results